Sunday, January 25, 2009

Photo sharing [ep 2]

wut do you think of it??

Kimchii-jjgae, at Nol Boo (Sunway Pyramid)
rating: 3/5

famous Bak-Ku-Teh, at Sei Ngan Zai (Klang)
rating: 4.5/5

Nando's chicken
rating: 3.5/5

Wantun+Siew Yok+ Char Siew , at Bdr. Sg. Long
rating: 2.6/5

Seafood Phat Thai, at Thai Express (The Curve)
rating: 3.5/5

BBQ chicken with wantun mee, at Food Junction (MV)
rating: 2.5/5


Tell you all secretly...
Besides shopping, i would like to spend money on meal...
That's why i'm very XXX now...
I knew it's the time for me to reduce some of it....

Saturday, January 24, 2009

20th - 23rd of Jan, 2009

  • im bored in KL again since all my friends went back to their hometown already
  • hanging around at klang valley in this few days
  • spent alotz money & time at MV, Garden, PV, Lot10, SW & Sunway Pyramid
  • looking forward to meet with my BUDDIES in Ipoh
  • Lastly, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to my friends...muacks~

CNY decoration at PV, Sunway Pyramid, MV & Garden
(nothing special at all)

took lunch with my sista at Korean restaurant
(addicted to kimchi-jjgae)

Thursday, January 22, 2009





好吧, 不多写了!


  • 由于不知如何用英语来表达这篇部落格的内容, 所以就干脆写华语吧!哈哈~
  • 这篇部落格的字体过于色彩,敬请原谅!
  • 我并没有指定是哪种,它只是一个结合体。。。

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Photo sharing [ep 1]

Oh my Gosh!!!
They are so CUTE!!!!
wanna hug them...
wanna give 'em a big KISS!!!!
"muacks~ muacks~"

Monday, January 5, 2009

An unusual sleepLess night

I'm suffering from insomnia as i used to turn in about 5am everyday or worse than that, at 7am during holiday...cos i have nothing to do at here alone...

I was listening to Fall For You - from Secondhand Serenade yesterday night, should be this early morning... it reminded me back some of the beautiful scenes that i know it wont happen to me no more....

Viewed my friends' profile and repeated listen to that song, nothing else i could do besides that...

I clicked on my sister's profile... she is quite enjoy her life in Japan... looking forward to see her before cny...

Tears were dropped from my eyes suddenly... kept dropping for a long time... i was missing my family at that moment....missing them tremendously as i kept listening Fall for You...

I picked up my phone and wanna call back to mum....but i didnt call her since it was damn late and i dont wan she worries about me...

BUT something funny was happening on me after that...
i covered the blanket until my head, hugged my pillow & tears kept dropping..... I fall asleep suddenly...LOL...

Feeling better after woke up....

I downloaded that mv just now & here i gonna share with you all...

(reminder: PAUSE the song before watch this mv)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year activities ( 0201-04012009)

As i stated in last 2 blog, that was the last time for me to stop purchasing at shopping complex in YES. I did it eventually! BRAVO!! *Applause* I planned to buy some stuffs in low price initially as the money-saving campaign is still on. Who knows i spent for few hundreds again for 1 shirt, 1 t-shirt, 1 long pant & 1 jacket!! fuh~ Do you know it is a big figure for a poor student like me??? (although i do it everytime) Luckily i reached there about 4pm, no enough time for me to shop at the Garden. else, surely i will do silly things again.

We, my gang, went to Genting yesterday evening, it was the 3rd time we been there in this week...XD...We stayed a night at there for FREE since my friend's dad won a free room from his club, i guess. Again, for money-saving purpose, dennis & me had a simple steamboat at the room. I bought prawn ball, chicken fillet, cabbage & yee mee and the soup is tomyam flavour...*yummy*

Just ignored the hygiene & safety issues, we felt great with steamboat in that room!
The most important costs us rm13.15!!!

We had a visit at casino, for sure, after dinner. And stayed at starbucks until this early morning, around 8am something. Online+ chocolate cream+ chit-chat+ cold weather+ stephen chow's movie....these was i did at starbucks within 7hours. sigh~

cheers with ling~

We were checked-out at noon & went back to kl immediately! haha~ After that, we took brunch at Pekan Ampang, familiar with "yong tou fu", my friend said so.

rm0.80 for each only - a reasonable price

This restaurant is located at pekan ampang.


I really feel torture if staying at the room even though for a day only! That's why i always feel bored at kl... duh~

Friday, January 2, 2009

MV sharing

This is an OLD mv that i would like to share with you all.

Singer: Edmund Leung, 梁汉文
Song's name: 七友 (cantho)
Hope you guys like it.

(ps: PAUSE the song first before watch this mv) =)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year Eve...not a special day for me tho!

Again, it was came to an end in 2008...I tried to recall where did i go last year, but really hard to remember it. Thus, i referred back to my friendster blog, i realized that i was in Ipoh at that time. sigh!

my calendar ( december)

Most of the people would plan a lot of activities before new year eve, such like clubbing, bar, gather at OneU or the curve, party at their house etc. For me, i didn't plan for anything (but it doesn't mean i just stay at home and do nothing) because it is not a special day for me.

The phone tone wake me up about 10am yesterday. Dennis asked me to shop at Sunway, so i went out with him, else, i will be crazy if i continuing hidden at room alone. I was cleaned my hostel before went out. Then, i took him to MMU to submit a report and heading to the destination afterward. It was quite easy for me for parking the car at there. For money-saving purpose, it was the third time that i didn't grab anything at shopping complex during YES. Wow~ it's great! i did it successfully! But i think that was the last time for me to do so.^^

We've there about 2hours because we need to have 'new year eve' dinner with joe and kenneth after that. We went to Sri Hartamas to have Korean food. The meal is so delicious and it is very fair price to pay (except the rice).
I did take some pictures at there as shown below.

These are the side dishes...

Below are the main dishes.

"Hanbang Dweji Wang Galbi" & "Daeji Gal-bi"



(it is a korean style steamed-egg, don't know what it called XP)

rice - rm5 per small bowl!! duh~

Let's start the dinner!!!
(feel like wanna take the spoon & chopsticks away XD)

me, joe, kenneth & dennis, we are ipoh-mali. :) sweet~~

i found TVXQ's poster & picture captured with the boss at there...
they are damn smart! & handsome too!
They had their dinner at here before, i suppose!

After dinner, we went to SohoKL which is located at Solaris Mont Kiara to join another gang. We planned to have some drinks at Raw, but the plan had been changed due to some problems happen. At last, we had some drinks at Golden Triangle. Fuh~ We were not drunk at that time, especially the driver since we changed our plan to Genting after 12am.

night view at SohoKL

captured at Golden Triangle

It was such a wrong decision for us went to Genting! We thought a lot of people will go back to kl after countdown....who knows....there was a long traffic jam from Ria Apartment! We rest few times at that period as the car's engine has to 'rest' too. We reached Genting Hotel and parked the car at 5am eventually! Sigh~ It's too lateeeeee OK!! However, we spent for 2 hours more at there and went back to kl after 8am. Such a tiring journey!

(LHS)We parked the car aside.
(RHS)I found this car at parking bay. Such a great parking technique!

As i mentioned before, new year eve is not a special day for me. Same as other celebrations like Christmas, Hari Raya, eventhough Chinese New Year.

Since i am still single and enjoying single life. But i think it's time for me to have a slightly change!

NO drinks, NO smoke, NO lover, NO money in i wishes to change all these statuses to YES! (but not for smoke)

Let's start from my blog, it's first time for me to post in english version. So, you guys try to understand my blog and consider my language problems. I know a lot of grammar problems occupied in this blog. Hence, i will accept all those comments about my problem for future improvement! No worries!

Lastly, i wanna say : HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 to my FAMILY, FRIENDS & 'FRIENDS' FRIENDs'...XP

p/s: the address of korean food restaurant that we visited,

Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant
9, 1st Floor, Plaza Crystal Ville Center
Jalan 23/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-6203 2616